1. Congratulations to Todd Akin on securing the rapist vote.

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  2. Serena is wearing this damn dress! Wow!


  3. Wanted my fro a little bigger today :)

  4. Leopard print Chinese Laundry pumps. Nice!!!!


  5. What in the entire hell? lol. For all of the women who want to be able to pee standing up there is the Shewee. SMH. You can’t make this stuff up. Someone said they have been around for a long time. I have never heard of such.


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  7. Beautiful natural bride. I like it!


  8. I am determined to figure out how to do this Grecian style hair do on tomorrow. I don’t care if it take me all day! Need to check the weather for next week too to see if it is twist-out wearing safe. lol. But definitely need some new style ideas I am getting bored. Off to YouTube tomorrow I guess for some inspiration :)


  9. fuckyeahblackcelebrities:

    kevin hart, kanye & kim VMA commercial

    What the hell is wrong with him! lolol

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  10. chic-curls:

    The most adorable little thing I have ever seen! Rock ya natural lil mama!

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